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The Software for the AO Scanner is downloaded into a hand held device or tablet, (specially designed by Solex Nation, LLC.), that scans your entire body.  The report is generated and forwarded to an email address, where it can be reviewed and analyzed.

Review By Email

Once your scan is sent to your email, you will see the results for yourself. The laser-focused technology of the AO Scan can help identify underlying reasons for your perplexing health concerns.

The reports that are generated for you, with the results from the scans performed, can be forwarded to your private Dr. if desired.  You can review the results and use it as a guide for your personal health choices.    

AO scanning uses frequencies and not chemistry or electricity, which makes it perfectly safe to use.

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   2 Complete Scans That Include

            (a)  Inner Voice

            (b)  Vitals

            (c)  Comprehensive



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